Griffin Mascot Costume 228

Griffin Mascot Costume #228

Mascots are a custom item and require three to four week production time.

Mascots have an additional fee of $25.00 for shipping due to the oversize boxes.


The Griffin Mascot Costume is designed for comfort and durability. As with all of our mascots, the Griffin Mascot Uniform is made in the USA of top quality materials. This Griffin Mascot Costume is sure to energize everything from sporting events to business functions. Coming complete with everything you need, including the red tank top, the Griffin Mascot Uniform is ready for use the moment you receive it. The Griffin Mascot Uniform is made of soft fur fabric. Vision for the Griffin Mascot Costume is through the neck. Also, the head of the Griffin Mascot Uniform is detachable. Each of our mascots includes complete care and maintenance instructions.

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